Holy smokes!

Tachi/Fuchikoma by Obscurance

Brickshelf member obscurance has a really nice lime green Fuchikoma from Ghost in the Shell. Also, some good-looking Tachikomas in a variety of colors. Check out the rest of his/her brickshelf gallery too... a lot of nice stuff.

Blue Spaceship

It was worth waiting! Another great work made by Bram Lambrecht. On his Flickr account you can see more neat Lego creations.

See y'all guys; Tony.Barth

PS: For those who want to see more, check this out.


Don't know who built this mech. But man, it sucks.



Make way for captain CAKE! :o

Captain Cake! :D


Microscale space!

Here we have a microscale spaceship by Adrian Florea. He has a very nice building style also he's a very good industrial designer. Check out his Flickr account for more awesome Lego stuff(and some cool industrial design drawings).


Hallow thare...

You might know me. Possibly.

Anyway, Matt H built a cool train. Yeah, most trains aren't cool.


(jumping in on the posting bandwagon today :D)

If you are unaware of the builder jehkay, you should really go check out his MOCs on flickr. While his building style may seem a bit busy and studdy at times, it's very unique and his mecha are always awesome, not to mention loaded with personality. I also am envious of his amazingly clear and well-lit photography. So yeah, go look. Right now. I demand it.

To the right is his latest mech.

Homeworld-ey spaceship

Hey all! It's my first post here, I think you all know me kee kee

So Lukas showed me this nice spacefighter from dasnewton; I've never seen his Flickr account before and I have to say: it's worth checking out! He has some nice Lego space stuff, which strongly reminds me of Homeworld 2. Hafe fun!

See y'all guys.


I would like to announce the true up-ness of another communal building website including me and a couple other members of this blog; Next-Gen

Yup :D

Andrew's Bloody Fang

I would just like to reinforce to y'all how pwnagingly (it's a word, shush you) awesome Andrew's bloody fang battlesuit is, especially with new weapon variations. Just check out the chest sculpting, barnicle pieces, and those sweeet shoulder areas.


A new type of Space Module system? Perhaps

Hello all, first post yaka yaka....

Anyway Brickshelf user LMO-JAPAN, shows us that not all space cargo is boring.

Well mabye from the outside all they are, but heck the inside is a real surprise!
I won't spoil it for you check them out for yourself!

New CSF banner!

Jared Morris spurred Mark Sandlin and Kyle to hurry up and get that old banner finished, and the result is awesome! Go to Classic-space and refresh until you've seen them all!


On Microspace by Brenden Wilson

Brenden (or "Red Baron") has written an excellent article on the 'history' of microspace, and it's recent boom.

Get to reading. NOW!

Barnicle lulz

Okay, I know it's probably arpy's job to blog the bionicle, but I feel the urge right now. Brickshelf "MuffinToa", who's gallery I've actually looked at quite often (it's true, I'm a sucker for nice bionicle stuff) has always reminded me of things I did with the older bionicles, the first and second toa generations. I would mix and match parts, add armor, attach those little cannons onto their arms... ahh good times :]

Anyway, he made something that looks like a nicer version of what I would do. Check it out! :o


I can has bild?

Yes, I can! I just built a fighter. Yay.

Next-Gen gallery



Japanese (I... think) builder tkh has a very nice transforming StarScream. it has his normal *simple* parts with studs style, but it has a really nice transformation. Check it out.


Nazis... I hate those guys!

Finally we get a good look at the Indiana Jones sets. These look awesome!


Micropspacetopia Sept. Icon Challenge

Build a probe!
Spook gets the first entry. Read more here!


Vintage Lorry

A certain "J.M." has built an extremely impressive lorry (British term for a pickup truck, if I'm not mistaken.)

Things to note:
True to its british-ness, the driver is on the left.
There is a hidden steering system.
The fenders.

New Crap!

I'm turning this into a Young Spacers Association Blog. Any of the members can post if they want to, just email me or something.

Thank yeh spook for making the awesome banner. You win once again.


Marcus Fenix by The Legohaulic

The Legohaulic never ceases to amaze. Exhibit A (And B, C, D...): His new Marcus Fenix. (from the Xbox 360 game Gears of War)

Gotta love chainsaw bayonets. The hand technique he uses for said bayonet isn't exactly new, but it's still as effective as ever. And that's not the only cool technique; the entire figure is full of them. The (I think) basketball arms as his chin, the tires throughout, the capes... And even the stand is way cool.

(Via The Brothers Brick)

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