I suppose Abtula sounds kinda like Mario

Countblockula (or, Mike Crowly) is adding more onto his nintendo characters lineup just in time for This april's Brickfest with BOWSER! Yes, he made one before, but that was smaller and doesn't fit in scale with his other characters, Mario (w/toad), Luigi, Peach, DK, and Yoshi. Plus, they all have karts! Sure, almost all of them could use some minor improvements, but Mike's so cool that it doesn't matter. Who's next? I'm hoping for Waluigi.

On the other hand, the now-famous (well... as famous as you can get on lego internet websites...) nnenn has a beautifully sculpted fighter ship. Yes, it has bley/grey mix, and yes, it has a few clone elements, but WHO CARES? It's awesome. Smoove. Sleek. Destructive. who needs more?

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OMG Hooray for Chuck!

I thought I'd point out izzo's new mech, that claims to have stolen ideas from "lego2000" who tends to be Chuck. When izzo starts ripping you off, you know you got something.



Jerrac's new Swiss Escort ship is quite nice when you look closley. I like the turrets.
A ship quite a bit like the first ship I Snoikled.
And a castle. Wow. what a post.
Literature Reference: The Icarus Hunt. Timothy Zahn.


yay more laygoes

It is true.
Ry is done.
Yup. The 3vil skicraft that has been going on for far too long is complete! And I'd say it's awesomeness more than makes up for the late arrival*. It's just so simple. So 3vil. Big guns, mounted on precariously skimpy legs equals good. Imagine it coming straight at you....
the only thing you can see is that huge skull. and the guns. That's 3vil.

On the other hand, a more lively (PINK!) creation, by Y-bros-K (forget whether that's Nelson or Patrick...), is an interesting Sea Monkey diorama. Felix has been messing around with some more Sea Monkey Ideas as of late (...right?) I just love the pink castle. What would be even cooler is the whole castle... (It wouldn't have to be huge... but still. Maybe I should try.) That's all good and all, but the best part is the weird biomechanical creature the "professor" is riding, the Sea Squirt. It would have made a great entry to the creature contest...

EDIT: yes, Felix and company are re-inventing the Sea Monkeys.

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I'm not dead?

...So yeah, I decided to post something, and lo and behold there happened to be a good MOC on the first 3 pages of Brickshelf. So what the heck, here it is. Jerac's berstuk Mecha. I like the rocket-pods. And the claws on the feet. I never thought those claw parts would look good on anything. The only thing that really bugs me about this is that the joints are so exposed. Oh well, what's he supposed to do about that, eh?

I made a post

brickshelf "mrbrickbob" (who's website I'm afraid to visit) has made quite a nice Port Town. It's great, with lots of good architectural work, and very pretty buildings. Along with that is a simple crane (that seems to work), and without look at the shoddy photo editing, some very clean, nice interiors.

Great place for a Brikwars battle.


Where Have All My Bloggers Gone?

izzo's newest MOC, a very nice Robo, really appeals to me. Probably the dark blue highlights.

Speaking of mecha, I also like this little tidbit.
Thisfreighter also caught my eye. Decent.


Sky-Fi Coolness.

Check out this new Sky-Fi MOC. A little bit more awesomesauce.

Jump If You Feel The Music

It's orange. My main beef with this one is, the tiles on the wings(?) they mess with the color scheme, and studs would have been fine there.

Although not a new MOC, I wanted to point out this APC style vehicle. definite coolness here.

Apparently, the lack of updates can be attributed to the lack of cool MOCs on our radar. Maybe someone else will post something here soon.




OMG 1t;s so c00l. I <3 it!!!oneone!11!


And When the Turtle Won the Race.....

The truth is, this blog is slowing up because the writers got lives. Well, all except Chuck. He just doesn't want to post that much. Speaking of authors, I invited my good buddy Ranger to join Moyblik (which, he did) So maybe we can get something out there once a day at least. For today, we have a cool mech by one of those japanese type builders.
And here we have a pretty cool collection of MASH characters. Not bad. Oh well, I shall post more when there is more to post about.

I propose a build

After seeing Legohaulic and Nnenn build drool-tastic turret designs ([1] - [2]), I think as a community (or.... everybody who reads this) should try doing a turret study. Any scale, any kind of gun, just make an basic manual or automatic turret design (manned, and un-manned, respectfully.)

So, howabout it?

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EDIT: after a minute or two browsing CSF, I see Bugge has made a lovely thread talking about the teeny-tiny turrets. Still, build!



I think I'm taking a veeery long break from lego really.
I need some new ideas. (And to get better)
And this guy puts me to shame!
"Wintermute" or "onosendai2000" on flickr. He has a sweet series of hovercars going, all with his own great style. They include the Hover Limo, Orange craft, Hover Quad, And my personal favorite, this White Thing.

On the other hand, my cousin found a way to break into my flickr account. It's okay though, my account could use a little activity...


Yeah....It's Been a While

I've been busy with school, and this awesome weather we've had, and being sick, and....life.
So anyway.
First, I like this castle cause of the use of that baseplate.
That's well done.
Second, a car i can't wait to see IRL.
Third, there isn't a third. Someone build something cool.


Random Asians ALORS

Sorry for my absents. I've been busy with school stuff... and Resident Evil 4... and... other things. Plus I find it puts me in a better mood if I don't spend lots of time on the computer. I'll keep posting, but not as often.

I have an ALORS (Awesome list of related stuff, I changed it from ALOCS) of Obscure asian builders! YAY!

Okay! so that wasn't that great, but whatever.


Moko is teh Coolest

At least, that's what I hear.


Shameless Plug

Unline some people, (aka Chuck, Lukas, Bohman) I have no problem showing off my own work. So here's a little fighter I built over the weekend. Part of the ever growing Flying Wombats sqaud.

And in case I haven't mentioned it, I got my iBook fixed. I'm so flippin happy, :-D


I Want Yesterday Back

If you haven't looked through Tim Gould' vehicle folder, I suggest you do so. Lots o good stuff in there. This is the latest addition I believe, and the reason I bring it too your attention. Pretty cool.
Know who's MOCs I miss seeing? Mark Stafford. He needs to come back.


rocking chairs

These rocking chairs by brickshelfer mijasper are really cool. The way he uses flex tubes and minifig hands goes to great effect. He also uses other parts very well: A minifig shield in the first one, and what seems to be spongebob torsos in this one. The whips in this one are also a great touch.

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