Atlas Shagged

Emperor Ludgonious has been kicking around on MOCpages and flickr with his LIU theme for more than a couple years now. Cool builds, nifty back stories. Think pre-ambassador Keith Goldman watered down to be suitable for soccer moms. K-Gold has since drifted toward the PC side of things, he was last seen playing with damn duplos. O, how low the mighty have fallen.

Jokes, I love both their stuff. Ludgonious has been flushing out his science-fictiony universe with a set of themed MOCs. Check 'em.

Check out the rest of the LIU Atlas series here.

I recommend trying the new Cocaine Sauce with your fried Slug on a Stick.


Things that are excedingly good

but have been done before.

That Jerrec beat everyone to the party with the whole upside-down truck bed gimmick.

And we're not even going to investigate how how many times this particular starfighter has been re-created. That said it's probably one of the best renditions of the X Wing in Lego... ever. I refer to it as "the Incom Corporation T-65" as to flaunt my geek cred, or as I refer to it, "nerd swag" as to flaunt my glibbergabsihshshshh. That last word does not mean anything.

While were on the topic of lego fan boy X Wings, the rule of thumb seems to be those that are best are those that are least phallic. Mike Psych's (whatshislastname?) here passes this test very nicely. While still a good model, Marshall Banana's fails it, but then again his screen name is Marshall Banana.

I still like niko's X wing though, if only for it's old-light grey charm; it resembles the official licensed 1999 set that I never had. Not to say that the 2004 or 2006 versions weren't bad, but man... what could we do without Biggs Darklighter?

thats rite fncking old sk00l as sh!t


evolution of SWAG

Enter the late Nnenn: (active 2006-2010)

Enter Fredo: (active 2008-present)

Enter rongYiren: (active 2008-present)

Enter Rodney: (active 2007-present)

Enter Theo: (active 2009-present)

It's trending yawnsome. *yawn*

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