Happy Holidays 2009

Maybe I missed the hour of optimum effectiveness for this particular post, but it's the thought that counts, right?

I just wish Tim was here to make a better graphic... But it's the thought that counts.

In close to three years, the blog has produced 657 posts, and we'd like to thank all three of our readers for keeping with it. Be prepared for more in 2010!


Art III, and then some.

In 2005 I received Battalion Wars for Christmas. It's a great game, combining Advance Wars style strategy with real-time 3rd person action. Something that attracted me moreover was the cartoonish art style. The following models were rendered by a man by the name of Gavin Rothery:

The game art was also an inspiration for a Lego model of mine.

Rothery also did concept design for the movie, Moon, which debuted last summer.

I'll have to snatch a copy when it comes out on DVD. There's a whole lot of goodies on his website, be sure to check it out.

Plastic highlights on the flickr streams include a simplistic but still funky skyscraper by Justin Vaughn and another microspace ship by Soren.


Updates are good.

Shannon Ocean's been up to weird stuffs:

Soren's stylized microspace:

And my own.


Art II

By DeviantArt username Malaveldt:

And Norsehound AKA Michael Ptak:



Known as Novvember to those in the know, the month of November is all about hairy men building a ton of ships that all look the same.

Highlights from this year's event include but are not limited to:




It's funny, cause I have homework I should be doing. Hahaha. Wait no, that's not funny.



I know it's late, buddy, but I haven't forgotten. Chase, if you didn't all know, builds some pretty cool SPACE things. HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITES.



By DeviantArt user Sketchboook:

And Phoenix-06:



I've been a fan of Martin's microspace, and his latest doesn't disappoint.

He demonstrates color control by managing to sneak in some dark red amidst the greys and the blue, and the textures give it a very "real" aesthetic. This particular model seems to show a leap forward in his photography and presentation as well.


It makes things go really, really fast.

By MOCpages username "Space Pirate" for a contest cooked up by Shannon Young. Also features some unbelievable crazy-good original ships:

Look at them curves.


Nathaniel Brill of MOCpages brings us a great subway station that's worth checking out.

No zombies, sorry.



Yeah, I built.

The Gungnir interceptor is designed to chase down and destroy priority targets. It does this with its heavy pulse cannon. For defense against other fighters, the Gungnir is also armed with two small turrets, sixteen missile tubes, and electronic countermeasures.



Yes, yes he does. And it is awesome.

Dave Sterling Vs. Crismo Giger

In round Six of the MOColympics over at mocpages.com .

Sterling won with his Life-Size NES:

...And matching controllers and "tetris" game pak.

However I did find Crismo Giger's entry more creative, he uses decorative technic pieces to mimic the backdrop of an old-skool shoot 'em up. It's refreshing in the sense that 99% of the Lego builds out there are built with the third dimension in mind.


Someone Update This Thing.

I mean ferreal.
Peter, Nick, and Lord Dane
all built stuff out of laygoes.



Here's a mecha by a builder on flickr, H3LLB0yE

He says "im no photographer!", but the presentation is quite good.

Check out the details like the ammunition packages on its leg and art, makes for some realism. And I'm totally getting the M-tron vibe from the red and neon green eye.


Brickcon 2009- Less Northwest Than Ever!

I was going to write a big post about Brickcon 2009, but I just don't have very much to say. I would have more to add if I were the type that took pictures of other people, but alas, I am not. Anyway, it's been covered already by Jordan and the twees. Oh, however,

It's a restaurant. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and spent most of the day setting up this project, along with a few friends:

My weekend activities consisted of clinging to people I deemed to be internet famous, eating pizza, and hanging out with Fradel Gonzales. As Rob (dasnewten) said, "There's definitely a fun factor with Fradel in real life that you don't get online." The Space tables proved an especially cozy hideaway this year, with an abundance of barriers from the public. Late Firday afternoon, Jordan brought Ean and me a bag of tiny mecha to play with. Happy fun times were had:

How was Brickcon 2009?

You don't even know, man. You don't even know.


And you thought he only built small...

By Fredoichi (Fredo Houben)

Here's his blog.


525, 600 Minutes.

Sometimes, a builder builds something fantastic

And sometimes, rebuilds are necessary.

Which version is better? You decide dear reader, I'm going on a roadtrip.


It may not be space...

But it sure is pretty. And functional, too.

By Marek Markiewicz.

Here's a youtube video of it in action:


Monday 9-28

Could I possibly have chosen a more generic title?
This helped lift my Monday blues:

From Brickshelf username "Zip".

Excellent photography, especially considering how the model is the color black.


Look, an update!

Because people are starting to notice...

Anyway this new thing they call high school has kept me busy for the past three weeks but I was able to catch this on MOCpages.com:

So many gorgeous features; I'm a fan of the engines, and the rear-facing turret. The black tubing makes for a nice transition between the fuselage and the cockpit as well.




Here's AFOL Stefan's entry in the 2009 MOColympics over at MOCpages.com, a pair of cycles from the 1982 movie Tron.



DM-9 Divesuit on Flickr

(I built this, by the way.)


Mark Kelso's APOCALYPSIS pt. II

Mark Kelso, of Invisible Hand fame brings us something in the way of a fantasy epic:

This one's special. Kelso has a revolutionary rockscaping technique that's impressive on it's own, but the fantastic lighting along with the eerie reflections on the water, not to mention the photoshop work and story writing really makes this stand out from the usual crowd. Don't miss it.

I wish I could say more, but it would be better just to let you browse through the pictures.

MOCpage (with story)


View part one Here.


"LEGOPark 2009 - Don't ask."


Cole Blaq has an interesting propensity for turning concept art...

... into reality:

It's hard to appreciate the model fully from one shot, so click through and take a look through the whole set.



Stefan, you are the man.


Yet another mecha, but this time good

It's been a while since I blogged something by Tim:

I daresay he's picked up the talent for creating naturally-shaped mecha that is normally reserved for the famed Japanese builders.


0 pcs.

This fresh offering from Peter Morris is as cool as ever:

... but it was the virtual hangar he built that really caught my attention.

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