By one of my favorite artists on deviantArt.com, Andree Wallin.

I raped the pictures when I resized them to 400 pixels, please, please click them to view properly. Even better, click the link.



Two (real!) spaceships in one photo. And a nice looking photo to boot.
(Photo by cmdr. waldo)


Yukikaze, I guess.

Zak Hale (AKA Chaos Unit 178) has built a MOC that, for the first time in quite a while, made me want to go blog it straightaway. As you can tell if you're reading this, I did.


On the Flickr Scene:

V & A Steamworks brings us the second in a series of fish-inspired mechanical creatures, each incorporating those fugly KK2 shields. That said Guy beautifully integrates said pieces in his models.

Lord Dane brings us a great hardsuit, I dig the leg detail and toilet-bowl shaped body.

Mike Psiaki finishes a WIP of his, it's come a long way since we saw it last a month and a half ago. Notice how Mike moves away from the prefab canopy, the final result looks much more realistic. His photography is a success as well.


Aliens roundup

It all started when Geoff Herndon built this awesome Alien. then Kevin Fedde built a Power Loader to go with it. The two MOCs certainly look awesome together. The only problem with that is, of course, that the Alien isn't a queen. Wait, I spoke too soon.

Last but certainly not least, in an unrelated incident, "2x4" built a pretty slick Sulaco.



at what I found on MOCpages:

Very spacey feel, it's nice to see some fans build in the new 2009 space police theme. I haven't picked up any of the official sets, and I doubt I ever will, but I enjoy this MOC none the less.


Who said war can't be comfortable?

"Combat luxury vehicle" is one of the most awkward things I've seen all week. By Tyler Clites.


Medivac Dropship

By Matt AKA "Pepa Quin"

I don't know enough about PC gaming to know exactly what this is, but it turns out it's a Medivac Dropship from StarCraft II.

Check out the color blocking on the model, Matt is able to use six colors without overloading our eyes.


Bring the Rain!

Check out Cole Blaq's Heavy Rain on Flickr.
The color scheme makes my soul sing with joy.

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